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I traveled,
and I will continue to travel, during the harvests,
and with the rain, the sun,
the wind, the heat, through the Guangdong and the Fangcun Tea Market in Guangzhou.
I slept with the peasants of southern Yunnan, in YiWu Shan, Nannuo shan, Hekai, Jinuoshan,
to search for and understand
the best rare Puerh.
Near the west lake, I saw and smelled the Shi Feng and the real LongJing.
I perfectly know the mythical 43 cultivar.
In Anxi i see how a Tie Guan Yin must be Made. In Wuyishan I smelt the water, the sun, and the rain. Heavy, Medium and light Baking.

I search for and drink rare
and solitary teas and,
I think to know quite enough about tea.

Then, the rest is your problem.

Enjoy your trip.

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3 thoughts on “GixlovesTea. Tealife, Tealover, teatripper

  1. Caro Gix…i tuoi viaggi sono affascinanti, ma è da tanto tempo che nessuno scrive più di tè, di puher e gli altri, su di Testa e di Gola…. Capisco che c’è Gu Shu ma un pensierino anche per noi? Grazie!

  2. Salve, vorrei scriverle una email, sarebbe così gentile da darmi il suo indirizzo? Grazie!
    Cordiali saluti, Nathalie

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