Yancha: Zui Hai Tang, a forgotten tea.

If this was a crime novel, there would be a culprit. Or more than one. But maybe not. I am speaking of a “fallen tea”, a forgotten tea: the Zuì Hǎi Táng (醉海棠), a Yán Chá (岩茶) tea. Just a small premise: I am conducting a small research on the cultivar of Wǔ Yí Shān […]


DARJEELING TEA. A Journey between the real and the fake. How to identify it.

…This is a post I wrote a year ago, when some First Flush arrived from Darjeeling. If You are interested in Darjeeling teas Cultivars, you can see here Well, now a new harvest arrived, a Poobong EX1 First Flush SFTGFOP1. I have also the date of the harvest: February 27, 2015. Yesterday, we tried it… […]